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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday: Mass, A Dedication, A Potluck and a Goodbye

Yesterday was another very busy day (so what else is new?)!

Charles went out to St. Paul's to assist Bishop Burns at the Blue Mass (a Mass said for uniformed personnel: police, emergency services workers, military and state troopers).  He then headed out to the Shrine to assist the Bishop at the 1:30 Mass followed by the dedication of the new Pieta statue.

I went to the 11:00 Mass at the Cathedral and then met Charles out at the Shrine.

                         Bishop Burns celebrates Mass at the Shrine Chapel with Fr. Cumberland concelebrating and Charles assisting.

Who needs stained glass windows with this view of the tree tops!

The new Pieta statue in the Rosary Grotto.

Bishop Burns prays at the Grotto.

Thomas (former Shrine Director) reads the Epistle.

The Knights of Columbus in their regalia.

Charles reads the intercessions.

Bishop Burns incenses the statue.

Charles and I pose for a picture!

After the blessing, there was a wonderful potluck and barbecue hosted by the Shrine Board and staff!

The weather cooperated so we could eat outdoors.

On the way back into town, I stopped at Brotherhood Bridge to take a few pictures of the fireweed and the Mendenhall Glacier.  It is one of the most beautiful places in Juneau.

A local riding club brought their horses out so they could ride the Brotherhood Bridge Trail.  

I was trying to take a picture of the brown horse, but he lifted his head at just the right moment, so I got this shot (arty, no?).

After the Shrine festivities, I raced home and made a chocolate cream pie (store bought Oreo cookie crust, instant chocolate pudding and whipped cream) and went to another potluck, this time at the Cathedral Parish Hall.  It was a goodbye party for Cindy and Dan, who are leaving Juneau with their daughter Ainslie.  Ainslie is the cutest baby in the known world.  Her parents asked me not to put her picture on the Internet, so I edited her out of the above photo.  You will just have to take my word for it. (It is true, though - she is a very sweet, very cute and very smart 10 month old!)  We'll miss all of them!

It was a really busy, but fun day.  We came home and watched Everybody Loves Raymond videos in a stupor and then crashed!


  1. So many beautiful sights and it sounds like lots of good eats...certainly makes for a blessed day!

  2. Gorgeous photos. The Grotto looks amazing.


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