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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Around the House

I've been wanting to share some pictures that I have been taking lately of items and areas in our house.

We have been eating a lot of cherries lately.  In the latest container that I bought at Costco, there was this cherry with a little leaf still attached.  I thought it looked so sweet, so I took a picture of it.  Then I ate it.  It was delicious.

These are the new (to me) candle holders that I got at a garage sale a couple weekends ago.  They go so well with our yellow dining room and our Talavera vase!

This is the new shelf that Charles put up for me this weekend.  It has been on his "honey do" list for a while.  I wanted to display my cream pitchers.  The one on the far right is my newest and my most favorite.

Here is a closeup of my "cow chorus"!

I put these items on this shelf for the Fourth of July and put a bouquet of flags in the blue jar.  After taking the flags out, I decided to keep the items on the shelf because it looks nice.  It will be cheery to put candles in the lanterns as the days get darker.

This is my "pile of stuff to take to my office upstairs" shot.  I think I have been hesitant to take them up because I work on making my prayer shrines downstairs.  The problem is that I have been so busy, I haven't been working on making prayer shrines lately....

...however, yesterday my new friend Irene (one of the Jesuit Volunteers) came over to learn to make shrines.  We had a great time together and she took some supplies home to work on.  My first apprentice!

This is a very cool picture frame that Phoebe had at her house.  Since she is getting ready to move back to our house, she is clearing out some stuff.  I thought this would be perfect for our space at the Juneau Artists Gallery.  I am going to paint it red and frame Charles' artist statement in it.

This is one of my favorite spots in our house.  I found the soda crate at a garage sale years ago and it is the perfect size to store our Fiesta Ware mugs.  The painting in the background of the green chair is by a friend of ours.  the cups hanging on the rack were a gift from my sister in law Meg, and the little message clip roadrunner came from my mom's house.

And speaking of mugs, who can resist this face?

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Love your cow chorus...can you see fall coming in your area to?

  2. I love how colorful and happy your house is. Great post!

  3. I love all the bright colors of the mugs. And the cow chorus... how fun!!

  4. I really enjoyed this post as well, so colorful, so beautiful, so calming! Do you sell your prayer shrines? I would love to purchase one. Do you take custom orders? Thank you for your prayers and comments on my blog, I am so very grateful! God Bless!


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