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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Was a Busy Weekend in Lake Wobegon (I mean, Douglas)...

Actually, the "lake" part is pretty accurate!   It has been raining practically nonstop for about a week.  There was a big landslide in Petersburg that made the local news, and Mendenhall Lake and Mendenhall River have reached flood stage.

On Saturday, Charles, Phoebe and I stopped to take a look at Gold Creek.  We knew it was running fast and high because the Gastineau Channel was a muddy brown from all the runoff.

Look at the mist that fast water is kicking up!

Even locals who usually say: "Rain?  Nah, this is NOTHING!" have been showing up to take pictures of the rising water.

That same day, we went out to Rie Munoz's gallery for a community celebration of her 90th birthday.  She is one of our local treasures, and beloved by Juneau's citizenry.  She was so gracious, standing and greeting all of her guests and posing for pictures.  

Here she is chatting with Phoebe - the seasoned artist and the emerging artist sharing ideas!

On Sunday, we had a double baptism at the Cathedral - our friends Jesse and Chris had their new daughter Sophia baptized along with Sophia's little cousin Charlie.  

Sunday afternoon, the parish picnic was scheduled to be held at Sandy Beach at one of the shelters.  Since it was pouring so hard, the picnic was moved to the parish hall, where a few stalwarts came out to eat hot dogs and hamburgers (somehow boiled hot dogs and fried hamburgers eaten indoors are not as good as the ones cooked on the grill and eaten at the beach).  It was still fun, though!

Several of the new JVs visiting with parishioners.

Our friends Brian and Estela with their kids!

What a fun (but wet) weekend!

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  1. It looks like it was fun and...wet. Love your header, just beautiful!


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