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Friday, August 19, 2011

2011-2012 Juneau Jesuit Volunteers

The new Jesuit Volunteers arrived on Saturday night!  Eager, excited and probably a bit nervous, the seven of them stepped off the plane and into a brand new world.

Charles, Fr. Pat, and Pat (we have a lot of Pats here!) and I were there to greet them, pack them and all of their luggage into our cars, and drop them off at their new home.  They arrived on a beautiful, sunny day, and we hated to tell them that a day like that, while spectacular, is rare in Juneau!

The next day, they came to Mass at the Cathedral, and after lunch, we drove them around Juneau - to Salmon Creek to see the spawning salmon, to St Paul's to see the icons, and to the Mendenhall Glacier to see the glacier (of course) and the bears (unfortunately the bears were laying low that day).

They will be volunteering at AWARE (the local women's shelter), Juneau Youth Services, The Canvas at REACH (a community arts studio that works with people with developmental disabilities), ORCA (Outdoor Recreational and Community Activities for people with disabilities), and Catholic Community Services' Teen Parent Program and Family Services.

We are so happy they are here with us for the year!  Please keep them in your prayers for a successful year of Community, Simple Living, Social Justice and Spirituality, the four Jesuit Volunteer values!

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  1. Paula
    What a great ,energetic group of volunteers you have there. It must be a real joy to work with
    all the different young people that come each year. I bet life is never dull there!
    I'm sure they go away blessed and so much better prepared to deal spiritually with the many different facets of life.

  2. How exciting! Makes my heart swell to think of the adventure they've just begun :)

  3. What great kids!!! It makes me so happy to see this picture! And at the same time a little sad. Our daughter had originally planned to volunteer for a year with JVC Northwest. But her situation changed and she decided her life was leading her in a slightly different direction. Even though she is not with JVC, as a social worker educated at a Jesuit University, her life is ALWAYS going to be focused on service to others.
    Thanks for all you do to support these young people as they serve with loving hearts. Sending up prayers for a wonderful year for all of them.

  4. great kids is right...enjoyed reading this very much...happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen



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