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Thursday, July 14, 2011


When I first moved to Juneau as a Jesuit Volunteer in 1978, my housemates and I would go for hikes on the trails around the area.  There are so many trails here that there is a book entitled: "90 Short Walks Around Juneau".  That's a lot of choices for places to hike.

We would go on hikes up Mt. Roberts or Spaulding Meadows or Last Chance Basin and I would be several yards behind my fellow hikers.  They would stop and wait for me periodically, until it got embarrassing. 

The problem was that I  have short legs, and have never been in great shape (although when I moved to Juneau as a 22 year old, I had been running every day for a year and weighed 98 pounds - this, however, didn't make my legs any longer).   

So I began to stay home because I thought I was slowing everyone down.   I would bake cookies and cinnamon rolls for them to enjoy on their return.  I got out of the habit of walking on the trails which were all around us.

For years, my kids would say: "Why don't you want to go for a hike?  You never go for walks on the trails!"  and I would reply that I didn't like hiking.  And I didn't because, in my mind, it involved climbing hills (not to mention that I am afraid of bears).  

Then, a couple of months ago, I went to the doctor, who informed me that I am overweight (not just overweight, but that if I lost 30 pounds, I would still be obese).  Her prescription was a strict diet (I mean, "Lifestyle Change"), nutritional supplements and an exercise program.   

I burst into tears in her office because I was imagining a yawning abyss with no chocolate in it. 

When I calmed down, she explained that I could start slow, just being aware of what I was eating and how much I was moving.  She was pretty firm about walking at least a half hour a day, however.  

I thought: "Well, I can walk for a half an hour a day".  So, while I was resistant about the eating part, I embraced the nutritional supplements and half hour walk.  Even without strictly following the diet (I mean "Lifestyle Change"), I lost five pounds in two weeks.  I've slowly continued to lose weight.

I still have more chins than the Hong Kong phone directory, but my clothes are a bit looser and I feel a bit stronger.  I have also learned that I like walking on the local trails.  Not the ones that are uphill, but the ones that are pretty flat, like the Treadwell Historical Trail, the Auke Lake Trail, the Brotherhood Bridge Trail and the Gold Creek Flume.

Miguel and I went for a walk on the Flume yesterday, and we had such a nice time!  The pictures in this post are from that lovely walk with my son.  (When he saw me taking pictures of the trail and of the flowers in a beautiful gardens on the way to the trail head, he asked me if I was going to put them on my blog.  "Yup!", I said.  He rolled his eyes, but held my camera case for me.)

The lesson from all this is that walking in the woods is good for the body and good for the soul.  And, in my case, because my nineteen year old son (who is moving across the country soon for his second year of college) asked me to go for a walk with him, it was good for my heart.

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  1. Love the pictures, and I am cheering you on! I think it would be nice to walk on the beach, it is so close to your home!

  2. Wow, 5 lbs. in two weeks- you go girl! And the photos are just awesome. Would love to get to Alaska someday :)

  3. That is a great start..5 lbs. just walking is very inspirational! I need to be doing this too as the pounds have been creeping up and I have grown an extra sweet tooth since passing the mid 50 mark.

    All of your photos of the walking trails and flowers are lovely!

  4. Oh, what a sweet son!Who better to enjoy your walk with? Especially since he will be gone soon!
    Your paths look so lovely and well cared for.
    How can you decide where to hike with over 90 trails to choose from?
    Congrats on the 5#s. I'm pulling for you!

  5. Your own personal victories really make this an "inspiring" story from at the Picket fence. And the photos are beautiful. :)

  6. Wonderful.....It's so hard to lose weight living here I think, don't you?

  7. Thank you for coming by and introducing yourself. I love Alaska and it is on my place to visit. I l loved reading about it all of my life. It is just beautiful and I loved all of your pictures. I think it is so neat about your walks. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.
    Thanks so much for your comment.

  8. Just a note, I am so glad that this morning the rooster was cleared of any hits put out on his chick. She was in the place where the feed was when I went to feed. I was so relieved to see her. Now what I think is she might be sitting on a nest somewhere and just came for a bite to eat. :) I tried and tried to get her back in the chicken yard but you know how the " Sheep will not follow another."
    The roosters name is Elvis by the way. :)The thing is I could see him putting out a hit if there were any new chicks around.

  9. Hi Paula,
    I live in California. The parrots or ring necked parakeets are the real name, broke out of an aviary in 1977 our habitat is very close to the area in India where they are native. There is no predictors so they have reproduced like crazy.
    We have huge flocks that fly over all of the time.
    We have a old park outside of town that they live in the old trees there and now people go out there just to watch them. First time I ever saw them I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I haven't had a almond off my almond trees since. They like nuts better than sunflowers.


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