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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garage Sale, Zumba, A Walk in the Woods, The Hot Bite, Dinner and a Movie

This was such a great day!

I went to a garage sale (advertised as a "Community Garage Sale", which usually means lots of people selling lots of stuff, but turned out to be a couple of people selling a few things) at the Dimond Park Field House, where I bought a green corduroy shirt which is a size smaller than I usually wear, but which fit me (hooray!).  I also got a lace valance for my kitchen, which will be a little lighter than the dark blue one I had in there, and a set of sheets for the bed in the guest room/office.

We heard Latin music (not Gregorian Chant, but salsa) coming from the mezzanine, so Jeanie and I went up to explore, and discovered a Zumba demonstration.  Zumba is an exercise method that uses Latin dance music and dance routines.  It's a lot more fun than your average aerobics class, and the instructor had a real body, as opposed to the bionic bodies that most instructors have.  Jeanie and I did the demo and had a lot of fun.  I may take the class...

Then we went for a walk on the new Auke Lake trail, which skirts the lake and goes through the woods.  We kept up a steady chatter to warn the bears we were on our way into their territory.  We didn't see any bears, just fellow walkers and a couple of dogs that looked like bears until they came up and greeted us.

Then off to the Hot Bite, the hamburger/milkshake/fish and chips joint next to Auke Bay.  Then home for a little bit, then back out to the Valley for dinner at The Broiler and a movie (Larry Crowne).

I'm exhausted, but happy to have Jeanie around to play with!  She extended her visit for another couple of weeks!

Here are some pictures from today:

Water lilies

Blueberries - not quite ripe

The view from the trail

A blueberry blossom

We used to imagine that fairies and gnomes lived in these hollow trees!

Flowers at the Hot Bite

It was a perfect day!


  1. So gorgeous!
    I hope I get to see Alaska one of these days.

  2. Jo - You are welcome to visit any time!

  3. Your photos are just beautiful!
    So glad your enjoying your company!

  4. I'm sure that fairies must be in that log, it's a perfect spot for them. In my past blog posts I have had lots of shots of my fairy guest cottage. If you are interested you could search them out on my search feature. Zumba has come to Homer too but I do enough workouts without adding that too.
    You have all the same plants as Kodiak, a rainforest too.

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment. Looks like a great hike. I love the hollow tree. Really enjoyed the water lily photos.
    Chris :o)


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