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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Around the Neighborhood

Sometimes, when I am doing the most mundane things, such as driving out to the Mendenhall Valley to go grocery shopping, or walking to the post office to mail a package, or just weeding the garden, I am struck by the unbelievable beauty of where I live.

The other day, Charles and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  I wish I could say that these pictures are all of my garden, but most of them are of my of neighbors'.

This is Douglas Harbor - I love the evening light on the trees.

This is a State of Alaska office building down the street from our house - they have a nice garden too, and they provide picnic tables for their employees (and the neighbors).

Our former neighbor painted this Killer Whale on his garage - it makes a nice landmark when directing people to our house: "Turn right at the Killer Whale!"  Our friends James and Maura just moved in!

This is our house - we need new siding.  Note the requisite blue tarp over the wood pile (very Alaskan!).

The sign for the Douglas Community Garden, which is in our lower yard.  Local school children painted the sign.

Our modest crop.

More views of the garden.

Charles' studio.

Our spirea bush - it started out as a little sprig.  I am going to divide it this fall and put it in pots so it won't get destroyed when we side the house.

The view from our front yard.

When we got home, I made raspberry/blueberry/rhubarb mini pies!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our neighborhood!


  1. Paula
    I'm always amazed at how tall your flowers get in Alaska. Even though I know, since I've lived in the Yukon, that it's the long hours of sunlight. You do have a gorgeous view from your home and a lovely neighborhood.
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. What a lovely walk and your pies look yummy!

  3. Hi Paula, Isn't it amazing how quickly our Juneau weather can change? I'm glad you posted wonderful photographic evidence of yesterdays sun to enjoy on this rainy morning. I found you while wandering around blog-land this am. Ginny H.

  4. Hi, great to find another Alaskan Blogger! Wonderful pictures, really enjoyed the post. Had to laugh at the blue tarp, so true! Thanks for visiting Homemade Alaska.


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