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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Theme Thursday: Food

I know it is Saturday, but it took me this long to get the pictures off of my phone!

On Monday, I got a call from my friend Sr. Dee asking for my help with putting together a retirement party for her friend and office mate, Pat.  The third office mate, Katie was going to help, but she got news that her mom had been in a terrible bike accident, so she had to leave suddenly for Minnesota (please keep her mom in your prayers for healing).

Sr. Dee and I decided that we would make little sandwiches and she would provide some Lemon Brownies and punch.

So, Thursday morning, I went to the convent and we worked together to make cream cheese and cucumber open faced sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches.  Charles volunteered to make smoked salmon spread (from our home-smoked salmon).

It was so fun to visit with Dee as we worked together.  I had found some fresh dill at the grocery store, so instead of sprinkling dried dill on the cucumbers, I put a dill blossom on each sandwich.  It looked so pretty and tasted great.

Between the two of us, and with Pat's contribution of some more cookies and some fruit, along with a carafe of Heritage Coffee's finest brew, the food turned out great!  A lot of Pat's friends and colleagues came and it was a wonderful party.

I love throwing parties, and cooking for a crowd, so I was happy to help.

The sandwich platter with the salmon spread in the background.


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  1. Everything looks lovely, but you had me at home smoked salmon. Love salmon!

  2. Paula
    Everything looks yummy.
    I always knew you were a go-to girl-someone who you can depend on when you're in a bind!


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