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Monday, August 26, 2013

2013-2014 Juneau Jesuit Volunteers

Welcome to our new Juneau Jesuit Volunteers!

Meredith Kalinski: I grew up in the very small town of Dunbarton, NH and have lived there all my life. I graduated from Stonehill College this spring where I studied English and Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Women and Girls' Empowerment through education. I'm very passionate about education as a social justice issue and hope that I can bring my knowledge and zeal to the Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School where I will be serving in Juneau this year as a Student Advocate!  

 Maura Baker: I love listening to the likes of Patty Griffin and Alison Krauss.  My favorite place is my front porch swing.  I love the smells of matches and lake water.  The University of Missouri has been my home for the past four years, my family in St. Louis has been pivotal in shaping who I am and I am thankful for my friends.  Juneau, Alaska is where I will be serving this year and I could not be more excited to stand in awe of not only what I will find but who I will meet.  I will be serving as a Young Parent Healthy Teen Center Assistant at Catholic Community Services.  Namaste.        

My name is Meaghan Crowley, I am originally from Columbus, OH, and just graduated from the University of Dayton where I studied Art Education.  During my time at UD, I became involved in many things in and around Dayton, including Campus Ministry, summers of service, tree climbing, goodwill hunting, and copious amounts of tea drinking.  I will be serving at The Canvas in Juneau, Alaska next year as an Art Studio Support Specialist. 

 Hilary Zander: Has lived in the Chicagoland area and Minnesota for the past 22 years, I am thrilled to leave the landlocked Midwest, with its endless rows of corn and soybeans, and live in Alaska! Having completed a degree in Anthropology/Sociollogy and Biology at St. Olaf College, I am intrigued by the intersection of human culture and the natural environment, as well as the systems that govern human experience. I am excited to serve at the Zach Gordon Youth Center as a Youth Healthy Living Advocate! 
Michael Putnam: was raised in the sunny state of California and decided to discover the terrain and culture of another state when he went to Whitman College in Washington.  It was here that Michael majored in Philosophy.  Michael’s passions revolve around meaningful relationships, care for his garden and a small flock of chickens that he raises.  Michael will be serving in Juneau as the Juneau Choice and Accountability Program (JCAP) and Legal Advocate at AWARE, Inc.   

My name is Molly McCarville, I grew up in Casa Grande, Arizona with 4 amazing siblings.  I graduated this past year from Creighton University in Nebraska with a BA in Psychology.  I love reading, good movies and TV shows, and running.   I will be serving this upcoming year in Juneau with Catholic Community Services as a Case Manager/Behavioral Health Associate!   

Cara Gubbins hails from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and completed her undergrad in Comparative Literature and French Studies at Smith College. An outdoor enthusiast she is delighted to be serving her second year in Juneau, Alaska as a Shelter and Children’s Advocate at AWARE, Inc.    
My 2nd year JV community
I came to Juneau 35 years ago as a Jesuit Volunteer in 1978, and volunteered as a child care worker for two years.  I fell in love with Juneau, especially the faith community of the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and decided to make Juneau my home.  The Jesuit Volunteer Corps promises their volunteers that they will be "ruined for life".  That means that our experience of living simply, as a person of faith, in community and in solidarity with those living in the margins of society, will transform us forever.  This certainly was the case in my life.  I am grateful for my experience as a Jesuit Volunteer and I am so happy to welcome our new Jesuit Volunteers!

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  1. Paula,
    This is very cool thank you for sharing this with me.

    I am Janos Szablya,
    In 1974/75 I spent the year in a cloistered Franciscan Monastery of Transylvanian priests and monks who were exiled and reformed their monastery in Youngstown OH. I have tried to live a spiritual life since. I did learn that I was above all put on this earth to be a parent. It was through my service work that I developed my attitude about life... If you are not having fun you are doing the wrong thing!


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