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Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Anniversary Charles!

Tomorrow, August 10th is the seventh anniversary of Charles' ordination to the permanent diaconate of the Roman Catholic Church.

He is a wonderful husband, father and deacon.  His ministry fits in so well with his personality: patient, kind, and good.

He is excellent at what he does.  He proclaims the Word, he preaches, he teaches and when he serves at the altar, he is completely present.  He is passionate about the social teaching of the Church - he serves as the Juneau Diocese's representative of Catholic Relief Services and always is helping our parish and diocese know more about what we can do to help the poor and marginalized in our world and in our community.

He lives out what he believes.  He is infinitely patient and kind and will always take time to listen to someone in crisis or who just wants to talk, even in the frozen food aisle of the local grocery store.

He assists our Bishop in so many ways: serving at Mass, in his work as the Director of Ministries for our Diocese, letting the Bishop know of the needs and concerns of the Church in Southeast Alaska, especially in the missions.

He is simply the best deacon I know (and he also paints icons)!

Happy Anniversary, Charles!


  1. All of the above accolades are true also in my (limited) experience. I would add only a few things to the list. He is also an excellent icon TEACHER! And a great friend. Happy anniversary, Charles!

  2. I am SO proud of my brother. You are all lucky to have him as a teacher, deacon, husband, father, and friend!!

  3. What a man. He sounds a giant of a man!! Happy Anniversary Charles. Joan

  4. Happy Anniversary to Charles!



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