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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Serendipitous and Moving Visit

On Saturday morning, we attended Mass as part of our celebration of Charles' ordination anniversary.  Before Mass, folks gather to say the rosary together.  I noticed that, in addition to the regular parishioners, there were several visitors.  When the rosary was over, just before Mass started, they came up to Charles and told him that they couldn't stay for Mass, but could they receive Holy Communion before they left.

Charles wrote on his blog, Loaves and Fishes, about this experience, so I am posting the link so you can read it in his own words.  He didn't put links to several organizations he mentions in his post, so I will post them here as well.

Catholic Relief Services

Aid to the Church in Need

Catholic Near East Welfare Association

And please, keep the suffering Church in Iraq, Syria and Egypt in your prayers.


  1. Paula, thanks so much for the link to Charles' blog. I really enjoyed reading his post and was moved by it. I wil add the Christians of Iraq, Syria and Egypt to my prayers. Best to you and Charles!

  2. I will most certainly go and visit your Charles' blog!

    I am grieved by the treatment of the Christians in those countries..sometimes I wonder, isn't their more our country can do to stop this.

    Much love to you. xo

  3. Forgot to say...Love your new header..very nice! xo

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the link to Loaves and Fishes. I never thought about there being Catholics in Iraq, but of course there would be. And I forget that religious persecution is alive and well in the world.

  5. I want to read Charles blog,
    I always feel like those brother and sister rewards will be great.
    I will pray for them Paula.
    This is the same icon you sent me last year.
    Thanks again. I think of you every time I see it.


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