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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Energy, At Last!!

I have been struggling with fatigue and increased depression for months.  My doctor fiddled with my medication and added something to my regular regimen to boost the effect.  It worked.  I not only am not fighting to stay awake, I am filled with renewed energy and life.  I am so glad.  I was not looking to going into the autumn and winter dark and rain feeling like I was.

I knew that things were looking up, because in the past couple of days,  I accomplished the following:

Picked four cups of raspberries and made four jars of jam...

...repaired four torn sofa cushion covers (they needed the backs fixed, so the fabric I chose doesn't show)...

...made a small pillow cover,,,

...altered a University of Alaska t-shirt that Miguel didn't want so that I could wear it...

...hemmed a pair of pants...

...sewed a separated seam on another pair of pants...

...and started a granny square afghan.

Hello, world, I am BACK!


  1. Such good news!! It is so miserable to be tired and depressed which seems to feed off of each other..ugh.

    You sure got a lot accomplished, wow, perhaps I need some of that Rx..haha. Seriously, I am very happy for you my friend. xxoo

  2. So glad to hear it Paula.
    I think I need a dose!

  3. Oh I know how debilitating that can be. Glad you are feeling better. Better than better! I can't believe all the stuff you did. Good for you!

  4. So glad to see this. When I get an inkling that life may not be worth living I know it's time to check my thyroid and see if I need a tweak. Thankfully, it's not often, but it's happened enough for me to know to see how that pesky thyroid is doing. Take good care. Am enjoying Charles' blog.

  5. Thanks for stopping my my blog. I am your newest follower. I am so glad that you are feeling better. I know how it is I have an inter ear infection and sinus so I am feeling pretty nasty. All I want to do is sleep. I will be better soon.
    You sure accomplished a lot. Don't over do.


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