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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Junuary (Or Is It Augtober?) - UPDATE

Yes, you read that correctly.  It is not cold enough to be January, but we only have had two days of summer so far.

It is gray and gloomy, and about the midnight sun?  Forget about it.  There has been steady rain for weeks (except for the aforementioned two days of sun), and today, a low fog and mist and needle-like rainfall.

Charles made it in from his Catholic Relief Services meeting/visit with his family/retreat trip today, however, which is like sunshine for us, who missed him for the two weeks he was gone.

But, I still wish that it would brighten up a bit.  We made a fire in the woodstove today for the first time in weeks.  I have cravings for hot cocoa.  I am wearing fleece.  The furnace keeps kicking on.

These are photos taken from the Douglas Bridge webcam  this evening.

Gloom, gloom, gloom.

It's a good thing that we love living in Douglas, and we love our friends and faith community and neighbors and everything about our home town (except the weather).

It is good to be here.  I keep telling myself that.  It is good to be here.  Sunshine isn't everything (but it helps).

UPDATE: I just noticed that the photos above from the Douglas Bridge webcam, are updating to the current date, time and conditions, so they may not match the content of this post!  So if you see sunny skies in the photos above, know that the original photos that I posted were dark and gloomy!


  1. Wish we could exchange weather for awhile, Paula! We have had 60 days of sunshine and temps in the 100's this week. I long for a drop of rain!

  2. Yes, if we could average out our weather, we'd all be very happy I think!


    Living in an unprecedented inferno

  3. I'll try to bring some sunshine with us, how's that?! Though we hope to leave the heat at home. It's 100 right now. Got up to 105 yesterday & 104 on Friday. Dry as a bone too.

  4. While I'm not longing for furnace weather, I'd sure like to feel a cool breeze blowing. These 100° temps are tough! The lawn gets watered everyday and the plants are thirsty, thirsty, thirsty. :-) Sue

  5. Although not as bad as yours, our Summer so far has been dull and rainy much of the time. The weathermen reckon it's going to stay like this for another couple of weeks at least.


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