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Friday, January 6, 2012

Today Is My First Anniversary!

I am so pleased!  I have been blogging at Home in Douglas for one year!  Click here for a look back at my very first post!

This has been such an amazing year - Charles' book was published (we are anxiously awaiting a box of copies!), Phoebe had two exhibits, Miguel decided to go to University of Kentucky, we lost one dog and gained another, Charles was accepted into the Juneau Artists Gallery, and I lost 15 pounds!  And last but not least, I started writing this blog.  I have enjoyed sharing my life with my loyal followers (all 32 of you)!

I was really sick after Christmas - I caught some sort of super cold.  I was down for the count for a week.  My voice is just now coming back, which is a disappointment, because I wanted to participate in the Mid-Winter Vocal Festival this year.  No such luck - I could barely talk, never mind sing.  Oh well, rehearsals for Handel's Messiah start in a couple of weeks, so I will plan on doing that.

It was a busy week - we went to the wedding of the daughter of our friends Vince and Jansy.  Vince was ordained a deacon with Charles.  They have a lovely family and the wedding was beautiful!

Charles at the reception - he cleans up pretty good!

Phoebe and Miguel do too!

The three deacons: Charles, Vince and Gary.

The kids made Charles promise that he would make homemade won ton while Miguel was home for Christmas break.  In this picture Charles is showing the kids how to fold and seal the won ton.

Last night Gary and his wife Mary celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a lovely dinner.  It was such a fun event!

We haven't had great winter weather so far this year, it has been spitting snow and rain for weeks - I just want a big freeze and a dump of snow to brighten things up a bit.  Unrelenting gray skies take a toll on my mood!  Thank God Charles gave me a new SAD light for Christmas!  I may just strap it to my chest 24 hours a day!

We have an infestation of MICE in the house - the cold and damp drive them inside.  I hate seeing a mouse scurry across the floor.  They are wily and have avoided the traps for the most part.  I am an animal lover, but I draw the line at mice.  I can't wait to hear that satisfying SNAP! 

I need to get off the computer and bake a bunch of cookies for the gallery opening tonight - Charles is the featured artist - wish us luck!

Thanks again for reading and following my blog - I will have a giveaway soon for my loyal followers!


  1. A Big, Happy Anniversary to you Paula! My, it has been a full year and looks to continue to be the same for you in the future year too! - We have rats out in the detached garage..really big rats. Hubby puts out large traps and puts nice globs of peanut butter on them but they have become too smart (like your mice) and actually used a stick that they must have dragged over, to spring the trap and eat the peanut butter...pretty freaky, huh? - I have enjoyed being a follower of your blog and look forward to this next year of your adventures! xo

  2. I came home from running errands to see that we caught a mouse! But I'm sure his friends are still around...

  3. Wow a full year Well Happy Anniversary, I know I was so shocked when I had my first year. I couldn't believe I could do any more than that first one.
    I love all of your pictures, they are just beautiful and everyone looks so very pretty and nice.

  4. Paula
    Happy Anniversary!
    What a year it's been for you & your family!
    You have a lovely family, who appear to truly enjoy each other company-what a blessing!
    I've enjoyed getting to know you this last year.

  5. Hi Paula, Happy Anniversary. We have mice problems too and set traps today. Yuck. I loved your outdoor images of Alaska in the post below. I have no blogging friends in Alaska so I am delighted to follow you right back. hugs♥Olive


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