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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Are My Colors All Messed Up?

Can someone help me, please?  I can't make my background any color other than gray.  God knows, living in SE Alaska, we get enough gray, so I would like to change it! HELP!


  1. Okay here is a none techy person who will try :) Go up to the top of your page, see the design tab? Click on that. 2. Go to the top of that page and where it says Template designer? Click on that.
    3. Go to the tab that says templates, under that it says background. 4. click on that. Now you can change colors if you want too. Or go down to the bottom where it says advanced.
    There on that page if you go to backgrounds on that you can change it to all kinds of colors.
    I do hope that helps and I haven't confused you more. :)

  2. Oh dear...I am sorry....I do see a pretty blue today...hugs. xoxo


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