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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keeping Warm (Or Trying To)

The wind is whipping outside.  We are supposed to get 75 MPH gusts later on.  When the sun starts to set the wind kicks up.  Right now it is 9 degrees F.  With the wind chill, it will feel like -30 degrees F.    Brrr.

Beans went out for a walk with Phoebe earlier, and she wore a faux fur coat that my alterations lady gave me for Frida.  It was too big for Frida, so we tried it on Beans.  It fit perfectly.   I'm sure she appreciated the warmth, but she definitely looks embarrassed.

Now both dogs are hunkered down.

Frida is in there somewhere....

There she is!

The wind was whistling through the crack in the back door where we haven't replaced the torn up weather stripping.  I used thin socks to block the opening.  I shoved it in there with the aid of a chopstick.  It worked!  The laundry room is warmer already.  

It reminded me of the story about the little boy who asked his mother, who was busily stuffing newspaper in the cracks in their windows:  "Gee, Mama, what do poor people DO when they don't have newspaper to stuff in their window cracks?"  I blocked the dog door opening with a mat.  The dogs have figured out how to nose the mat aside to get out the door.  That is, when Frida WANTS to use the dog door.  She prefers to stay indoors, and who can blame her?

It really is lovely outside, but very cold.  I am keeping in mind the folks who are homeless and on the street today in this weather.  I stopped by the Glory Hole (our local shelter) yesterday with a couple of jackets that we no longer need, and before I even made it in the door, a lady asked if I had coats.  She took a fleece jacket right then and there.  I am grateful for a warm home (even one with a few cracks here and there).

We are looking forward to having dinner with Elijah, the son of Kimberly, a blogging friend from Canada.  He is visiting Juneau for a couple days - what a small, wonderful world!

Stay warm!


  1. Lovely!! I love the ingenuity of stuffing old socks into the weather-stripping gap with a chopstick! Necessity is the mother of invention. I keep a set of chopsticks handy (and clean) for removing things from the toaster.... I am also going to steal your idea of covering the cat door into the garage - we lose so much heat through that door. I know by comparison it is warm here in Tracy - but it has been down in the low 20's and weather "people" refer to it as a "hard freeze". The rain has finally come in sprinkles this afternoon after 34 days of no rain (or snow in the higher altitudes). We certainly need it! Stay warm!!

  2. We have 2 below right now at the house but its usually around 20 below these mornings.....I'm so sick of this....I'm trying to be positive but this has gone on for weeks now with the same forecast for next week.....yikes!! George hates this weather also...look at your little ones too!!

  3. Paula, how wonderful that you will be seeing Elijah! What a blessing for Kimberly that her Elijah will be with such good and Godly people.

    Beans is sooo very cute in the coat..I agree, not looking to pleased about it though. xo

  4. Paula
    Thank you so much for meeting and dining with Elijah. By now you would be on your way out-I am especially thankful when I see the horrible cold you had to bare!
    I love your make-do attitude. We never know when the time will come that we have no choice but to get by with what we have. So why not practice it right now!
    I'll be in touch-Kimberly

  5. Hi Paula thanks for joining my blog, it's great to meet you. brrr i don't know how you manage with all that cold I thought Scarborough was bad enough with the North Sea battering us! have a great day and keep warm jennyx

  6. I have always wanted to visit Alaska, so I was thrilled to stumble on your blog! Just like Ro Zan I love your tip of the old socks in the gap! And the dog in a faux fur coat! OMG the cutest thing!

  7. Hi Paula - goodness it looks cold there. Hope you are staying warm.
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    Thank you.
    Erin, The Painted Garden


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