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I have lived in Alaska since 1978, having come to Juneau as a Jesuit Volunteer. I fell in love with Alaska and now live on Douglas Island with my husband and two dogs.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to Home in Douglas!

This is the view from my front yard.

You can't see Russia from my house, but you can see Juneau, which is across the Gastineau Channel. (That may the first, last and only reference I will make to our former Governor!)

This blog will be about our life in lovely downtown Douglas, Alaska. Douglas is part of the City and Borough of Juneau, but it used to be a thriving town in its own right because of the Treadwell Gold Mine (back in the old days).

Douglas has a post office, a bar, which is named Pat's Douglas Inn (but everybody knows it as Louie's), a church (Methodist), an ice rink, a fire hall/library and a couple of restaurants. It also has a great beach and several nice trails.

My husband Charles and I have lived in this house since 1997. We are empty nesters, with our son in college and our daughter living across the channel.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more about life in Douglas!


  1. That's a gorgeous photo. How beautiful to be greeted by that view everyday.

  2. Douglas sounds like a lovely little town. No wonder you wanted to go back! Thanks for Rewinding x

  3. I love your view! So different from mine.

    Visiting from the Rewind.


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