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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Sunny Saturday

While I wasn't out taking pictures today, I probably should have been. It is absolutely gorgeous - blue skies and a slight breeze. Perfect weather for flying in a small plane, which Charles did today. He had to go over to Hoonah to help with a funeral of one of the elders there who passed away this week. As a deacon, Charles can preside at funerals outside of Mass and at Communion services and Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest. Charles was flying over today to preside at the prayer vigil tomorrow and Fr. Scott is flying in to preside at the Funeral Mass on Monday.

I'm grateful that the weather was good for flying - I worry when Charles has to go to Hoonah in a small plane. I try to avoid small planes myself. I got enough small plane travel when I was working for the State of Alaska as a Child Care Licensing Specialist and would have to fly to Haines and Skagway every few months.

After dropping Charles off at the airport, I stopped at Starbucks at Safeway for a latte before my haircut appointment. I have found that it's impossible to go anywhere in Juneau without seeing someone that I know - which is fine with me, because I love chatting with people. Today I ran into Frank and Gail. Frank is a school counselor at JDHS and he asked after Miguel at college and after Phoebe, who works with his sister in a group home for disabled adults. I worked with Gail for a short time at Hearthside Books. Always nice to see them.

At the hair salon, I ran into Sonie with whom I sang in a production of Godspell about 15 years ago. We chatted about our kids (and in her case, her grandkids).

I stopped by Phoebe's place to drop off some things for our friend Rachel, who is visiting from Seattle for a few months. We're trying to persuade her to stay longer, at least until spring. Had a quick cup of tea and a nice visit then to the Glory Hole to drop off a wool shirt and a fleece vest that are perfectly fine, but not something that Miguel or Charles will ever wear. Then home, where I should be vacuuming up needles from the tree instead of sitting with the computer.

This afternoon, I may try to catch a matinee of a movie that I know Charles probably wouldn't like (Love and Other Drugs) while he's out of town, and then tonight will go to the Juneau Lyric Opera's Midwinter Vocal Festival concert out at Chapel By The Lake.

A pretty quiet Saturday, compared with the busyness of a few weeks past. It's nice to be able to draw a deep breath and relax a bit!

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