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Friday, September 30, 2011

A Walk to the Waterfall

(Warning: This post has a LOT of photos...)

Charles and I took a walk out to Nugget Falls at the Mendenhall Glacier on Sunday.  It was a beautiful autumn day and we wanted to check out the new trail and the fall colors.

First we stopped at the meadow to see if there were any bears to be seen.  There weren't, so we continued our walk.

Charles poses on the trail.

Romeo was a black wolf who liked playing with (and sometimes eating) the local dogs who visited the glacier.  He was shot by a local person for no reason.

Nugget Falls.  This waterfall was covered by glacier ice when I arrived in Juneau in 1978.  You can see how far the glacier has receded since then.

There were some amazing cloud formations that day.

Fall colors.

I really need to suck in my stomach when I am having my picture taken!


More fall colors - I love the sunlight in the foreground!

It was a nice walk with Charles!  What a beautiful place to live!


  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS, Paula! You should make them extra super duper large because they are incredible :D

  2. No need to tuck that stomach in for us-we like you just as you are!
    I never tire of your glacier photos. I love the blue coloring-beautiful!
    It looks like you and Charles had a really nice day and fortunately didn't come in contact with any bears!

  3. Beautiful photos! Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway from Blooming in Alaska! Please email me so I can get your info. :)

  4. Wow! The scenery up your way is amazing! That is too bad about that wolf. But I would be a bit (ok, more than a bit!) freaked out by the bears!! One of these days I hope to visit your beautiful state:)


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