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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Organization (or The Lack Thereof)

You might remember this photo from a previous post:

I was blogging around in my usual Saturday morning stupor and found this really great website, Mod Podge Rocks.  Since I use Mod Podge to make my icon shrines, I thought this was chock full of great ideas for getting my fingers all gluey and to find different ways to use paper for other projects that I can do in my copious spare time (hahahahaha!).

So, anyhow, while checking out Mod Podge Rocks, I saw this post about a wonderful cabinet for scrapbooking supplies, etc.  Then, I remembered the above picture, which is of my icon shrine making supplies in containers perched on top of a cabinet.  

The cabinet was holding a bunch of stuff that belongs to my son, who is away at college at the moment.  As you can see this was the place we shoved carefully put away the items that he wasn't using.  So I figured that, since HE wasn't using the cabinet, I would.

I dumped lovingly placed his treasures in a container to put in the attic and put my icon shine making supplies in the cabinet, thereby freeing another surface to pile stuff on decorate.  I put a lovely deep basket on the top to put all the stuff that needs to go upstairs to my office/sitting room.

Now the cabinet looks like this on the inside:

And this on the outside:

Quite an improvement over how it looked before, no?  

PS: By the way, even though I look at the label of the containers of Mod Podge several times a week, it wasn't until I found the Mod Podge Rocks website that I realized that Mod Podge is NOT spelled (or pronounced) "Modge Podge"!  This coming from the grammar and pronunciation queen herself!  Oh, well, I think I will continue to pronounce it "Modge Podge" anyway, because I'm a contrarian!

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  1. What a difference organization makes!
    Thank you so much for stopping over at my blog :)

  2. Hey There!
    It's Meg from wild child :) I stopped by your blog - which is awesome by the way - and wanted to say hello! When I saw this post I knew I had to comment! Amy from Mod Podge Rocks is a dear friend of mine - she has the creativity and drive of 12 people! LOL! She's features some of my projects on her blog, but more importantly, she's a GREAT person :)
    Meg :)


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