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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Big Trip Vol. 2

After our visit to Olympia, WA, we wended our way back to SEATAC, where Charles took off for Boise, ID for an FDLC (Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions) regional meeting, and I took off for Spokane and Cheney, WA for a fun filled week with my best Juneau friend, Jeanie!

From the car window on the way to Cheney from the Spokane airport.  The landscape is considerably different from that of Alaska!

Jeanie and Bob!

We went to a great mom and pop restaurant on the Cheney-Spangle Road.  The Harvester is absolutely in the middle of nowhere, but it must be a popular hangout for the farmers, because it is going strong.  They had lots of old signs hanging on the walls, including this one...

I thought it was a funny coincidence...

The Harvester is in a very isolated spot.

Jeanie and I spent a couple of days in downtown Spokane, where we visited our favorite place, Madeleine's, a little cafe with a French flavor.

No visit to any city outside of Alaska is complete without a couple of marathon shopping sessions!

"Here I am, Macy's!  Naked with my charge card!"

We met up with my nephew Alec, who is the pastor of a church in Spokane that ministers to the people in a run down section of the city.  I'm so proud of him!

The Spokane River

We got together for a gallery walk and dinner with my oldest friend (we met when we were 4!) Nancy!

There was a spectacular rainstorm followed by this double rainbow!

Jeanie and Bob's house is right next to the Cheney High School baseball field, and it looked like the pot of gold was in the field house!

That's enough for right now...the next volume will feature photos from the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge.

Speaking of the wilderness, I'm heading out to work in our yard, which definitely needs some work!


  1. I love Spokane what a lucky girl you are!

  2. It looks and sounds like you had a ball. I laughed out loud about you naked with your charge card, how funny!

  3. Spokane looks wonderful! I've never been to Washington before. Seems lovely :)


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