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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Big Trip Vol. 3: Turnbull Wildlife Refuge

While I was in Cheney, WA, Jeanie and Bob took me to visit the Turnbull Wildlife Refuge.

The beautiful view at the start of the trail.

Geese, swans and other waterfowl abound.

Jeanie and Bob!

Two curious river otters.

A close up...who is looking at who?

What a beautiful day for a hike!

This deer was checking us out - the deer there are so much bigger than the Sitka Blacktail Deer we have here!

We rested on a convenient log and posed for a picture.

Wild flowers were everywhere.

This moose was browsing.  We almost missed seeing her because they blend in so well.

These owlets refused to turn around for a picture.

It was a wonderful day!


  1. A very beautiful area and rich with wildlife. I didn't realize that we had moose in eastern WA.

  2. neat! I haven't even been NEAR this part of the globe so it is great to see it through your eyes.

  3. So pretty...I have to tell you I only take a moose picture from the safety of my home! they are scary with or without babies!
    my paint is called recycled glass from columbia paints.


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