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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Theme Thursday: Girls

The theme this week is "Girls", and the first photo I thought of was this wonderful picture of Phoebe, her good friend (and ours) Rachel, and me. The photo was taken at Phoebe's show at the City Museum, which was a wonderful success.  I love this picture because Phoebe and Rachel (and I) look so happy and both of the girls are so lovely and full of promise.

Phoebe met Rachel at Seattle University.  They both were art majors.  Rachel is a wonderful artist as well.  We absolutely fell in love with her when we met her.  She came up to Juneau to work for several months, helping a local girl in Juneau's small Jewish community get ready for her Bat Mitzvah and to help Phoebe get ready for her show. She experienced her very first celebration of Christmas that year.  She is a darling girl and we love her!

Since that show, Phoebe has exhibited in several other galleries.  Her most recent show featured this portrait of Rachel:

"Rachel Thinking" by Phoebe Rohrbacher

We are so proud of Phoebe - she is a tremendous artist!

So, there you have it: two of our favorite girls!

Scoot on over to Clan Donaldson to see some more pictures of Girls!

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  1. Phoebe is very talented. Inherited that from Charles, I bet!
    Is clear to see the girls enjoy each other company and yours too. Great photo of all of you!


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