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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colors, Colours, Colores, Coleurs

I have been thinking about colors a lot lately.

It might be because it has been so bright in Douglas, with almost three and a half weeks of sunshine, blue skies, flowers and warmth.

I finally got my camera charger back from a certain borrower (*cough*cough*Phoebe*) and so I decided to take some pictures of the colors around my house.

Fiesta Ware!

The Fisher-Price Chicken Charles stepped on when Phoebe was two.
Yes, we saved it.

The chicken with a goofy bull bottle opener our friend Sarah gave us.

Some nice amber colored tea light holders I got at Salvation Army!

A goofy cat bank Charles got on a trip (we do a lot of goofy here)!

Granny Smith apples

I love having my camera back in operation!


  1. I love the photos of some of your fun things..Love the bowl that the apples are in, very interesting. xo

    1. It's kind of fun to notice things in the house that become part of the landscape!

  2. I've gotten used to carrying my camera with me and I feel lost without it. Really enjoyed your photos.

    1. I was relying on my phone to take pictures, and while it does a pretty good job, I really prefer my little camera!

  3. what kind of camera do you have, Paula? I am thinking of buying one. Right now, I use my iPad to take pics. I love your pics and I am a Fiestaware person too!

    1. Allison - it is a little NikonCoolpix point and shoot! I would love a digital SLR like Miguel has!

  4. Congrats on the great weather.
    I like all your odd little objects.

  5. Lovely pics!! I'm glad you've got it back too. Have a lovely day. Joan


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