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Friday, March 15, 2013

Why, Yes, I Am A Catholic! How Did You Guess? 7 QT

I guess my blog has been Catholic-heavy the last few days, what with the Chrism Mass, the Conclave and the election of Pope Francis.

I walked out of my bedroom this morning after getting dressed, and my friend Jeanie (who is visiting us, but leaving Saturday) said:  "You're Catholic?!?  I never would have known!"

What do you think her first clue was?  The icons in the background?  The photos of Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI?  Whatever could have led her to believe that I'm Catholic?


It's been a fun couple of weeks with Jeanie in town, although she has been freezing in our SE Alaska weather, having acclimated to Eastern Washington for the last two years.  The sun is shining, but it is windy and the high is about 29 degrees.  We have been spending many hours drinking coffee at the Rookery (I love their logo - see the rook in the middle?).


Miguel is in Anchorage, doing research for his history/anthropology project on the Pius X boarding school in Skagway, and he will be presenting his research at the Alaska Anthropological Association conference there tomorrow (fingers crossed and candles lit for a successful presentation)!


Frida ate the zipper off of my favorite fleece vest, and my fleece jacket.  This brings the total up to 9 zippers she has destroyed.  I have to bite the bullet and learn to put in zippers (and remind myself and the rest of my family to hang up clothing with zippers).  Good thing she is cute (see #1).


We had a small avalanche above the high school the other day.  It was in the same place that a major avalanche happened in 1962, in the Behrends Avenue Path.

Here is a video of the recent avalanche, which was a tiny snowflake compared to the 1962 avalanche:

Video courtesy of Brian Wallace.


My house is a mess.  When the sun shines, I can see the dust, the dog hair, and the smudges on the windows.   Does this mean I am in a frenzy of cleaning?  Or that I want it to cloud up and rain?  Nope.  It just means that my house is a mess.

I can't figure out how to escape the Facebook conversation box to end this post, so I will end it before QT#7.  I am linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary

I went to lunch with Charles the other day, to Olivia's de Mexico and he took this picture of me:

I posted it on Facebook, with the caption: "Channeling my inner bandolera!"  This prompted the following conversation:


  1. What a fun post, you look great in that photo and I love the icons! That Rookery logo is very cool.

    I would love to come visit you. Maybe one day!!

  2. I am surprised that she didn't know you were Catholic, you are always so good about sharing all of the activities. So nice that you have been having a good visit. xo

    1. Sherri - She was being completely ironic! She has known me for 20+ years and of course knows that I'm Catholic!


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