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Monday, November 12, 2012

Please Join Me In Prayers for Sherri!

Here is a link to Kimberly's blog, Camp And Cottage Living, in which she asks for prayers for our fellow blogger Sherri from Little House In Paradise.  Sherri has recently been diagnosed with cancer (I hate cancer!).  Please join your prayers to Kimberly's and mine for full recovery and healing for Sherri!

Make sure you check out both of these great blogs!  It has been fun getting to know Kimberly and Sherri!


  1. Oh no..this is terrible. Praying for her strength and peace...God will give her both.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day. I would love to visit your beautiful part of the world someday. xo

  2. I have Sherri on my prayer list, too. After everything she has been through with her daughter and now this...

  3. i'm sorry to hear about sherri and ask that the Lord
    heal her even now. i will hop over there to leave
    a word or two.


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