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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Not Raining, It's Not Pouring: A Nice Day

This morning we woke up to thick fog and the moan of the fog horns on the cruise ships as they made their way up the channel to the docks.

The weather forecast was for clear skies today after the fog burned off.  But, as I sit here this afternoon, it is cloudy, but not raining.  I'll take it!

Today, we had a wonderful treat!  Last Christmas, our local Perseverance Theatre put on a production of "A Christmas Carol" with an actor from Anchorage, Dick Reichman, playing the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge.  His wife Christine and daughter Amanda joined him for the play's run and we met them at church.  We invited them to our annual Christmas open house, and really enjoyed their company.  When we heard that they were back in town for Dick's appearance in "Of Mice and Men", we asked if we could get together.  They invited us for lunch at the Thai restaurant out in Auke Bay.  We had only been there once, and the long lines at dinner prevented us from going again, because, although the food is great, standing out in the rain for an hour is not!  Going there for lunch was perfect!  No waiting, and their lunch menu is just as good as their dinner menu.

Visiting with Dick and Chris and Amanda was really fun.  We learned a lot about their travels, the actor's craft (Charles and Dick compared notes about painting and acting), and just enjoyed getting to know them a little better.  Amanda was a great lunch companion as well.

All in all, a very nice day.  It is fun to go to a place in Juneau that is new(ish) to us, and to get together with new friends.

Juneau and Douglas friends:  If you haven't seen "Of Mice and Men" yet, make sure you go.  It is definitely a performance you won't want to miss!


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  1. As we move into the fall we move away from crisp sunny days. I'll be happy for overcast, no rain then. The rest of your day sounds great.


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