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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bear On A Wet Tin Roof

The tranquilized bear in the back of the Fish and Game truck.

The same bear that was on the roof of one of our downtown buildings came back yesterday and climbed on the roof of another building.

Fish and Game came and tranquilized him and decided to put him down.  It is unfortunate, but necessary, since they had already tranquilized him and taken him out the road before.  He traveled back to town, however, and as you can see, he was pretty used to being around people and had been raiding unsecured trash cans.  He is the third bear that has had to be killed this year.  The other two were hit by cars and were euthanized.

Here is a video of the downtown bear.


  1. That is sad but when an animal looses that fear of man then it is safer. When I was a kid I thought my Dad was inhuman when he made that statement to me. Now as adult I understand.
    It is always interesting in Alaska. Are you having that interesting weather that the weatherman keeps talking about? Those have been some awesome storms.

    1. It was sad. They are such beautiful creatures, and to see one that close, even in a photo, is amazing.

      The big storms are in Anchorage, 800 miles north of us! We are having beautiful clear and sunny weather today!

  2. Such a shame, but it has to be done to ensure people's safety!

  3. Sad but necessary, I guess. I know Alaska is huge, but I did a double take when reading the comment above about Anchorage being 800 miles away. Delaware is so very, very..........small. :0)

  4. I was just telling my husband this morning that we need to drive to Alaska next summer. I didn't think about running into bears in town. I guess it is never dull in your little town.

    The photo on your header is absolutely wonderful.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like the header - I took the photo last September on a beautiful day!

      If you do come to Alaska, make sure you visit Juneau! We will give you a personalized tour of our city! If you are driving, the best way is to take the Alaska Marine Highway, the state ferry system. You can board the ferry in Bellingham, WA and it's a 3 day trip to Juneau. You can continue north to Skagway or Haines and pick up the highway to Anchorage, Fairbanks and Denali Natl. Park!

  5. Oh, poor bear! He was just looking for food, and had found a ready supply near the people. :-(


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