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Monday, March 5, 2012

Sushi Feast

Phoebe and Miguel cooked up a dinner party last night - while Charles was helping them roll the sushi, he said: "I don't think we are going to have enough food".

We had several kinds of homemade sushi, miso soup and tempura shrimp, mushrooms and zucchini.  Twelve guests came, including Seamus, the new baby from across the street!

My camera wasn't working, so I didn't get any pictures, but our friend Sarah took this one of the table:

I think we had enough food.


  1. Yum! That looks great! Glad you had a fine feast.

  2. Looks great!! You guys should open a multicultural restaurant!!

  3. what great fun! Wish i could have joined you!

  4. It looks delicious...Praise the Lord for your good news on your previous post!

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