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Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy. Busy.

What a week!

I have been so busy that I haven't even taken a minute to charge my camera, hence no new pictures on this post, but there are some links to click on!

Last Friday, we went to the Goldtown Nickelodeon Theatre to see Little Red Book, a film made locally by our friend Lisle Hebert.  It was so much fun to see the local sights and to see friends and familiar faces (including Miguel's - he has a small part)!

Then on Saturday, I attended a workshop called "Your Organized Self" put on by the Alaskan Wisewomen Network.  It was lots of fun, and while I didn't really learn anything that I didn't know already, it was a good reminder and inspiration to actually USE all those ideas in all those books on organization, including "Organizing From The Inside Out", the textbook for the workshop.  Beth McEwen, the facilitator of the workshop, and co-founder of the Alaskan Wisewomen Network, did a great job!

On Sunday, I spoke at the Sunday morning Masses about the Cathedral Martha Ministry.  Here is my talk:

"Martha Ministry is the service and hospitality ministry of the women of the Cathedral Parish.

A couple of years ago, several women of the parish met and brainstormed some ideas of how we could encourage the women of the parish to be of service to the Cathedral faith community.

Since that inaugural meeting, the Martha Ministry has grown.  After our first presentation after the weekend Masses last year, 21 women signed up.  We have had more women join us, most recently at the Ministries Fair two weeks ago.  This is a blessing for our parish and for the women who have been involved in this ministry.  Personally, I have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know my fellow Marthas better, and have grown spiritually from the experience.

We call ourselves the Martha Ministry, or just, The Marthas, because we model ourselves after St. Martha of Bethany, the sister of Lazarus and Mary, who you heard about in today’s Gospel.  St. Martha was a very busy woman, a hostess, a cook, and a homemaker.  She was also a devoted friend and disciple of Christ.  She knew what needed to be done, and how to make it happen.  I often imagine that there was always an extra place set at that table in Bethany! 

There are several ways of serving in the Martha Ministry.  Some of them are behind the scenes, some of them are more organizational, and some consist of merely being with our brothers and sisters in prayer.  The Marthas serve as hostesses at parish functions and receptions, such as the upcoming receptions after the Chrism Mass and Easter Vigil, we help care for the altar linens, and the beautiful Cathedral gardens are tended by a faithful Martha.  New parishioners are visited and welcomed, lonely women have companionship through Life Ring, which was started and continues under the leadership of Kathee Hays, bereaved families and friends are welcomed and comforted at receptions following funerals at the Cathedral, and we assist in the parish office as needed.   Martha Ministry has provided meals to parishioners recovering from illness or surgery.  Our most recent event was the Women’s Clothing Exchange last weekend, which was a huge success! In addition to serving the Cathedral parish, there are opportunities for spiritual growth as well.  Sr. Marie and Claire Richardson facilitated a retreat for us last year, which was very well received.

We are young, middle aged and retired, married, widowed, and single.  Some of us have children, some don’t.  We are a microcosm of the community of Cathedral women.  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month.  Our meetings are fun and informative.  Attendance at meetings is not a requirement for membership.  Members are informed of opportunities to serve by email or telephone and can choose which gifts of time and service they can share.

Recently, at the Ministries Fair, several young girls from the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd religious education program signed up to help!  At our last meeting, we decided to start an auxiliary group of girls ages 7 and up, called the Young Marthas.  What a wonderful expression of the desire to serve!

We invite the women of the parish to join us as members of the Martha Ministry, and encourage the girls of the parish to talk to their parents about becoming a Young Martha.  I will be in the Parish Hall after Mass to answer any questions you might have, and to help you sign up!

St. Martha of Bethany, pray for us!"

After the 11:00 Mass, I saw someone selling Perseverance Theatre Raffle Tickets and I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be selling them myself, but forgot to pick them up at the theatre.  Fortunately, there was a person from Perseverance there and she gave me a book.  Later that day, I went to a three hour conductor's workshop (choral, not train) and lost the tickets on my way out of the workshop.  I discovered this when I wanted to sell some on Monday.  Fortunately, someone found them and returned them to the theatre.  I think it was a sign that I was too busy and distracted!

Monday, I did a gazillion loads of laundry, and Miguel started full time at Valley Lumber as a yardman and driver.

Tuesday morning, I took the recycling to the dump and watched the eagles (the dump is a great place to see the Proud Symbol Of Our Nation's Freedom hopping around looking kind of foolish).  On Tuesday evening, I went to see Little Red Book again, because I wanted to see Miguel on the big screen once more.

Wednesday we had the Rice Bowl supper and the Catholicism film showing at the Parish Hall.  It is an excellent series and I highly recommend it.

Yesterday, I shopped for the Chrism Mass reception and then went to the hall to set up, along with a loyal group of helpers (Marthas!).  I went home, showered and changed and went back to prep the food (meatballs with BBQ sauce, cold cuts, rolls, shrimp with cocktail sauce, salad, cream cheese/shrimp spread, chips, veggies, fruit and cookies).  Then the Chrism Mass was at 5:30, with all the priests and deacons of the diocese attending, except for Fr. Jim, who was in Prince of Wales for a funeral, and Deacon Vince, who was in Haines.   The reception followed the Mass, again with a host of helpers (more Marthas!) to serve, clear and clean up, then it was home to bed at 9:00 after taking ibuprofen for my back which I threw out on Tuesday taking the recycling to the dump.

                                                   (Photo courtesy of Southeast Alaska Catholic)

Today, relaxing, and a bit more organizing and cleaning are on the agenda.  Tomorrow, tax prep, then on Sunday, we celebrate Palm Sunday and start Holy Week!  

Busy is the new normal around here!


  1. Wow, you HAVE been busy! Most of my days just sound the same.... :)

  2. OMG, you are one busy lady.
    I love the idea of your Martha Ministires.
    I know we should spend more time at Jesus feet,
    but without Martha who would've waited on the
    Congrat to Miguel-this may be the beginning of
    something bigger!

    1. Kimberly - he's there until fall semester at University of Alaska Southeast - hard work, good pay - a blessing these days!

  3. Did you see my tweet about your husbands beautiful book! I posted a link to his blog post on twitter while I was at RE Congress and tagged the convention stream. Everyone on twitter that was tweeting from the Convention used the tag #REConress(and people wanting to see what was going on there could access it). All twitter users can find the convention tweets there.

    The book is a beautiful art piece! I took some photos and plan to post them as soon as I work though my Congress information and determine how to organize it all.

    I hope you are planning to link up with Pay It Forward. It's open now through the 14th.


  4. Paula i ajm so happy that you wrote me back to clear up your comment over at 21 Rosemary Lane...I was going to write you but you beat me to it! No worries you are both entered in my giveaway!

    But I am so glad you made this mistake becuase I never would have had the opportunity to read about your Marthas! I love this idea. We have the Rosary Alter Society at our church which I am a member and we do some of the thing you Marthas do. Only we meet the first Monday of the month and say the rosary. We do raise money for two scholarships, take care of the linens, run the gift shop and so on. I love being a part of my parish community.

    Thank you too very much for folowing me...I really appreciate everyone of my readers. I am following you now.

    Have a wonderful Holy Week and a blessed Easter...and good luck to you and your daughter in my giveaway!!!


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