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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Signs Of Spring, And Catholic Relief Services

Here are some random shots of our week.

Beans and Frida on their favorite perch - the back of the couch.  Note the snow piled up outside.  Our yard still looks like Antarctica.  Someone asked Charles if our bulbs were coming up yet.  He just laughed.  The dogs like to look out the window.  There are nose prints all over the glass.  This was a brief little blast of spring sunshine, which was soon followed by hail and snow.  The dogs have been enjoying walks down at Sandy Beach, which is a couple of blocks from our house. Frida thinks she is a big dog, but her little legs are only four inches long.  They come back sandy, wet, exhausted and happy!

This picture was taken at a birthday party for Sr. Dee (she is in the middle).  She is a religious sister who works at the local women's shelter, and has a pastoral counseling practice as well.  My friend Irene is on the right - she is one of this year's Jesuit Volunteers who works at the shelter.  We have a lot in common - she is Hispanic and comes from Texas.   We have a lot of fun together.  The night of Sr. Dee's party, Irene made a couple of platters of enchiladas and Mexican rice.  Dessert was German Chocolate Cake.  I was really glad I didn't give up sweets for Lent!

A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner: daffodils at the grocery store!  Phoebe brought these home, and they are so bright and cheerful, especially in my creamer with the lemons on it.  

Another sign of Spring is the presence of our Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl on the table.  Catholic Relief Services is the social services agency of the Roman Catholic Church.  They serve the poor all over the world.  The Rice Bowl is a way for people to give alms during Lent (Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving are the three Lenten practices).  We put coins in the cardboard bowls, and at Easter, give the collected money to the parish, which in turn sends it to Catholic Relief Services.  You can learn
more about the efforts of Catholic Relief Services at this link:  crs.org

Every week at our parish, we have a Rice Bowl supper, when parishioners make a dinner from the Rice Bowl calendar.  The meal is a typical one of the featured country.  Last week the featured country was Vietnam, and the meal was Pho - a Vietnamese soup.  It was delicious!  This week, I am cooking Casamiento, a rice and bean dish from El Salvador.  Charles traveled to El Salvador in 1990 (during the civil war) and brought home a recipe for Pupusas (thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese).  We are also going to make them on Wednesday to go with the Casamiento.  Here is a recipe for Pupusas

Salvadoran women making Pupusas

Every year, we enjoy trying the recipes and learning about the countries served by Catholic Relief Services!

Have a great week!


  1. I love your little doggies and your daffodils are beautiful.....

  2. The dogs... so cute!! I have my Rice Bowl right here on my desk. The recipe for papusas... yum. It all sounds so good. What a lovely practice with the Rice Bowl meals during Lent.

  3. Your dogs are sooo cute...such good pups keeping an eye out for Spring to show up! xo

  4. Signs of Spring, for sure!! I'm sending your recipe for pupusas to my daughter, who had those at a Salvadoran restaurant near her college campus and LOVED them.

  5. I love your Rice Bowl events. Maybe I should start them up at our tiny church and practice the meals during lent!!!
    Chris :o)

  6. I think that you got the snow for the entire country this winter.


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