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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Jerusalem Workshop - Shameless Commerce Division

Well, despite the bad news of yesterday, today was a bit better.

I made some sample icon shrines and we mounted some icon prints on wood panels as examples to take to the Juneau Artist's Gallery, where we have applied to be among the artists who display their work.

Here are some of the images we have mounted on panels and in the prayer shrines:

St. Agatha, Patroness of Women with Breast Cancer

Korsun Mother of God

We also will be making panels of the Holy Family and the Wedding Feast at Cana.

Keep us in your prayers that the gallery artists want us to join their group!


  1. The icons are beautiful and I would think a welcome addition to the gallery. I will keep you and your special art in my prayers.

  2. Paula
    I will say aprayer for you and your group right now. The images are so beautiful.
    Do you ever make it to Skagway, Paula? If you do let me know and I will tell you where he works and you can drop by and tell him you know me. He would be shocked!

  3. Kimberly - thanks for the prayers! Who are you referring to in Skagway? We don't get to Skagway very often - I take it you know someone there...

  4. I am glad I found your blog too, Paula! I think your prayer shrines are lovely and especially appropriate for travelers.


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