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Friday, February 22, 2013

Seven VII 7.5 Quick Takes


Photo: "Im takin' a trip on the Gospel ship"
IPhone photo by Miguel
Today is Friday, of course, meaning that tomorrow is Saturday (hooray!).  Charles has a deacon formation training starting tomorrow and lasting until Sunday afternoon, Phoebe, Miguel and I have the dress rehearsal tomorrow from 10:30 - 1:00 for the Gospel Celebration which is taking place (also on) Sunday afternoon.  We have been rehearsing every night this week with Rev. Bobby Lewis from Harlem, who is conducting a choir of 107 singers.  We are all the colors of the rainbow, Christian, Jewish, non-religious, male and female.  He instructs us to "do the natural, and let God do the supernatural".   Phoebe gave this workshop experience to Miguel and me for Christmas, and it is turning out to be one of the best gifts I have ever received.  Both Sunday concerts are sold out!


Apropos of nothing, except that it is funny to see Charles, who is the soul of gravitas, displaying a touch of whimsy.  This photo was taken at his birthday dinner.  Anyway, that is an "Anastasia" party hat.  Why anyone would want to make an animated movie, not to mention kids' party supplies, depicting a young Russian princess, who supposedly escaped the massacre of the whole Romanov family (she really didn't) is beyond me.  But, Phoebe found a bunch of Anastasia party items at Salvation Army and snatched them up (because she has the same twisted sense of humor as her old mom) to use at a future birthday bash.  We got out the hats for Charles' birthday in June.  


It is gray, gray, gray here in Douglas and Juneau.  Today, while sitting at the Rookery enjoying a cup of coffee with my friend Jeanie, who is visiting for FIVE!!!! weeks, she looked out the window and said: "Oh look!  The sun is shining!"  It really wasn't, it was a quick brightening of the sky to pale gray instead of deep gray.  That's how I know that she is an optimist at heart.  If it isn't pouring rain out, Charles is apt to rhapsodize about what a beautiful day it is.  Can you tell I am getting tired of the rain, rain, rain, gloom, gloom, gloom?


We have no money.  But payday is coming up.  We are on a new austerity plan, where we act as if we don't have any money so we don't squander what we have on fripperies like the aforementioned cup of coffee at the Rookery (Jeanie treated me, Charles, I swear!), and using what we have in the cupboards, and not going out to eat, and not using our mostly maxed out credit cards.  The end result will be living debt free in about 20 years.  We'll see how it goes.  It is pretty easy to act as if we don't have any money, when we actually, in fact, don't have any money.  Anybody have any great money-saving, debt reducing, frugal living tips?


Speaking of Spanish, I wish I was a better Spanish speaker.  (Say that fast five times.)  No, I really do.  I studied Spanish in high school, where I was mostly scolded by my teacher for not automatically being able to speak Spanish because my last name was Gonzales.  I flippantly asked her if she spoke Gaelic because her last name was Flynn.  (I was kind of a smart ass in high school).  All that got me was an extra assignment.  Anyway, my dream is to go to a six week Spanish Immersion program to become fluent.  There is only one barrier to this dream (see 4, above).


Frida The Zipper Eating Dachshund has now chewed the zippers off of seven different garments.  I stopped by our local seamstress to ask if she could fix them, and she told me that she could, for $35.00 EACH, except for Miguel's khaki pants, which she could do for $25.00.  "Zippers take a lot of time," she told me.  I think I will learn to put in zippers and open my own zipper replacement business.  I could be RICH! RICH!, I tell you (see 4, above)!


I got nothin'.  Oh wait, there is this:  Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is just around the corner


And finally, this:

The illustrations in Charles' book The Illuminated Easter Proclamation, published by Liturgical Press, are now available on a CD-ROM, suitable for projection during the proclamation of the Exsultet in your very own parish!  Tell your friends!  Get your own copy here!

And, head on over to see Jen at Conversion Diary for more quick takes!  

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  1. Paula, you made me smile today with your post. I am trying hard not to spend money unnecessarily, but then I saw some yarn today, well you know the end of the story. But yarn doesn't count because it is therapy.
    Have a great concert.

  2. I had to laugh at the spring around the corner photo! And tell Charles that he looks cute in hats! Can't believe he let you take a picture.

    Except for vacations and camera equipment, we are natural born tightwads. We plan our purchases and save up beforehand. Dave Ramsey (online) has helped a lot of people get out of debt. Perhaps you could borrow one of his books from the library (e.g., Total Money Makeover). A written budget is really key, in addition to an emergency fund!

  3. Working towards debt reduction is always a good thing. We were doing great in that regard, until we had children that needed to go to college. Now we owe. Sigh. For a good reason, though. I would do anything to help my kids.
    I was going to tell you that Sunny Simple Life always has some good posts about frugal living, but I just noticed that you already follow her. Just do the best you can to make small changes to save and small increases in anything you are paying. You will be so surprised with how fast it all adds up by the end of a year or two or five.


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