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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 In Review

January  - It was very cold...

February - we said goodbye to our good friend Buddy...

March - I had a lump removed that proved to be only fat...

April - I bemoaned my housekeeping skills...

May - Charles' book, The Illuminated Easter Proclamation, was presented to the Holy Father...

June - A little girl's wish came true...

July - I wrote a poem about our house...

August - I reflected on how lucky I am to live here...

September - A bear wandered up on a roof downtown...

October - Charles blessed the animals...

November  - A huge fire broke out in Downtown Juneau...

View up Franklin Street in downtown Juneau as Capital City Fire/Rescue personnel work on a fire at the Gastineau Apartments at the corner of Franklin and Front Street on Monday.  Michael Penn / Juneau Empire

December - We celebrated Christmas together...

And now, it is 2013!  Who knows what the New Year will bring!


  1. You had quite an exciting year! I didn't know about Charles' book being presented to the Pope! What a huge honor. Best wishes for a great 2013!

  2. Oh Paula - this is just beautiful!! What a wonderful way to reflect on your years' blessings and big events. I absolutely adore this! I miss you!!! I was just thinking of you this morning of the time we saw each other in Portland...what a lovely time! I had the memory of you noticing the asymmetry of the seminary's architecture - the one that is right by my sister's house. We share a love of the visual and how it affects us! You are inspiring me to get going on my blog again!!! LOTS OF LOVE to you and Charles, Phoebe and Miguel!!

    1. Love to you, Pete, and Joseph!

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  3. August is heart stopping. My best friend lived in Alaska for 18 months, and I wish she'd taken more pictures. So pretty.

  4. Happy and Blessed New Year♥

  5. What a precious way to sum up your year. Love the "lard" photo! So glad you came out good with that situation.

    For Christmas, I got a cruise to Alaska. I am so excited! My sister am
    Nd I will be therein Juneau on the Fourth of July!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


    1. Judy! I am SO excited! I would love to meet you and take on a personalized tour! Fourth of July in Juneau and Douglas is so much fun! Please contact me closer to the day you will be here and we can connect!


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