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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Loudmouth

I had a very busy day yesterday, and today is shaping up to be just like it!

Yesterday, I had to run a whole bunch of errands, including stopping by the bank to pay the mortgage (yes, I know I can do this online, I just don't want to).

Anyway, I stopped by the bank, where there was a loooong line and only two tellers.  The teller at the far end was dealing with a man who was having some sort of difficulty ("That can't be right - I have plenty of money in that account..can you look again?").  The teller closest to me was a trainee with a supervisor helping her.

The Trainee was conducting simple transactions, and the Supervisor was happily chatting up every customer that came to the window "Hi!  How are you doing?  What's new with Ginny?  I haven't seen her in ages!   Did you and Joe go on that trip?  Hawai'i?  Oh my God!  Was it nice there?" [OF COURSE IT WAS NICE, YOU IDIOT!  IT WAS HAWAI'I!!].  

The Supervisor obviously wasn't needed by the trainee, since the Trainee was handling things just fine.  So, why in the name of all that is holy didn't the Supervisor go to another window to assist the other customers, which were now snaking out the door and into the foyer?

Then, the Supervisor began to visit with people waiting in line: "Hey - George!  What are you up to?" [HE'S AT THE BANK, DIM BULB!].

But the worst was when the man in front of me answered his phone and began talking in a VERY LOUD VOICE.   He was all: "God damn it!  I told them not to put in that @*&^%$ing water heater.  I know - I know!  I'm at the bank!  I'll be there in a minute!  I'm at the bank!  The bank!  G-D it!"

He then started to tell the man standing behind me the saga of the water heater: "It's a propane heater - I don't trust those G-D things - it's gonna blow us all to kingdom come.  I told them to get electric - the least they can do is electrocute you - HA HA HA HA HA!"  Then to the young trainee: "Hey sweetie?  How about getting your little ass in gear so I can get out of here?"

The young Trainee started to get nervous, and the Supervisor started bantering with the Loudmouth: "Now c'mon Pete!  We are going just as fast as we can!"

"Well if this is fast, I must be running a marathon!  Hey!  Have you been watching the Olympics?  Those G-D gymnasts must be made of rubber!"  And then he and the Supervisor were off - the poor Trainee was getting more and more nervous, the people in line were more and more restive, and I was getting more and more annoyed.

After 20 minutes standing in line, the difficult customer at the far end finished his transaction and I finally was able to pay my mortgage and get out of there.

I wanted to say something to the Loudmouth about the swearing, the shouting, and the distracting of the tellers, but I was afraid to get him rolling on another rant.

It made an already stressful day even more so.

Do you have a Loudmouth story?

Loud/Obnoxious People.


  1. LOL, that ought to convert you to online banking from now on!

    I was still working when this incident happened. I went to the rest room on my building's floor. A woman a couple of doors down from me, starts a conversation. "Whatcha doing?" I reply, thinking how odd it all was. "Umm, peeing." And she going on with something like, "How about that!" And I'm getting totally weirded out. I finally stopped talking back to her. She keeps on yapping. We finally get out of the stalls. She is talking on a cell phone! WHO in their right mind talks on a cell phone while they are going to the bathroom!?

  2. I grew up with an impatient (wonderful otherwise) father and the best thing it did for me was not to react when things happen like your bank story. I try to find the humor in it and it sounds like you did. I love your smart aleck asides. I say things like that, internally of course, all the time. And, it always seems to happen when you have lots of other things to do.
    Keep laughing to yourself!


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