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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Look What I Made!

I am not a seamstress, by any stretch of the imagination.  I have a beautiful Bernina machine, which is the envy of all my sewing friends.

I tried to make a dress once when I was a teenager, but I made a mistake of such monumental proportions, that even my mother, who loved me, couldn't help but laugh.

So, please excuse my boasting when I show you what I made:

TA DA!!  An envelope pillow!

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

A closeup of the fabric, a batik raven print made here in Alaska:

And the back, a deconstructed pillow case:

I  know all of my experienced seamstress friends are probably chortling to themselves: "But it is just straight seam sewing, where is the skill in that?"  But to that I will answer:  "I AM TERRIFIED OF MY MACHINE!  I am so afraid of making a mistake when cutting and sewing that I am loath (LOATH, I say) to even start a sewing project!"

So, please humor me as I admire my handiwork.  Not only did I make a pillow, I got to use the word "loath" in a sentence!

It's been a good day, my friends.  A very good day.

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  1. Hi Paula!!! I share your 'fear' of sewing machines! I was very pleased when I made fabric inserts for the cabinet doors over my kitchen sink (and yes, they were just straight seams, too!). Your pillow is fabulous! You should be very pleased with yourself!

    Are those your flower boxes at the top of your blog? I L-O-V-E the painted blue with the blue flowers! How utterly cheerful!

    I hope you have a wonderful week - thank you for visiting me via Mockingbird Hill Cottage!!


    1. Donna - thanks for your comment! I love the flower boxes too! I took the photo when I was visiting Cannon Beach, Oregon last summer. I would love to make a box just like it!

  2. wonderful, paula. And I especially love the batik material. Do you have a link for where you bought that?


    1. I bought it at Changing Tides, a fabric and quilting shop here in Juneau. Here is the website:

  3. Paula! I have so much fabric that I haven't used simply because I'm afraid to cut into it! And I have been sewing since 7th grade!

    I say get some scraps and make some dog toys! Then you'll have more practice!


  4. Hi Paula,
    Beautiful pillow! I also have a Bernina I'm afraid to use. I don't even know how to thread the thing (Graham has to do it for me) but I can happily make dog toys. Fred and Tess love my sewing and it gives me more practice. Someday maybe I'll move up to making a pillow too!!


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