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Monday, May 28, 2012

For The Wounded

On this Memorial Day, I want to honor and remember those who have been wounded physically, mentally and emotionally while serving in the military.

There is no special holiday for them.

Memorial Day is for those who died in the service of our country, and I am grateful for their sacrifice.

Veterans' Day is for all living veterans, and rightly so.

But the veterans who struggle every day as a result of their wounds are especially in my thoughts today.

So today, I pray for healing and peace, for them and for their families.


  1. I am joining you, Paula, in prayers and thanks!

  2. These are such good points. We all are becoming more aware of the emotional trauma that some of our troops suffer with but so much more needs to be done.

    Congratulations go to you....You are the winner of the canning book giveaway. Please send me your mailing info. xo


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