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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Baby In The Neighborhood, And A Ton Of Snow.

Our friends James and Maura brought home their new baby last week!  He is a darling little guy - I had forgotten how tiny a newborn is, although I swear you can see him growing.

He's got poetic toes (Longfellows).  I am going to wait to post pictures of his little face...after all, his mom and dad should have the chance to post his pictures first, don't you think?  But I couldn't resist his little toes.

This is what our back door looked like earlier this week.  Between the snow falling from the sky, and the snow sliding off the roof,  the back door (and therefore, the dog door) was completely blocked.

So, we chipped and shoveled....

....and shoveled and chipped...

...until they were able to go outside.  Of course, Frida puts one paw in the snow and looks at me as if she is saying, "You're kidding, right?"

Beans doesn't care - she loves the snow.

It's raining now, so we have a ton of slush in our future.

(I hate slush.)


  1. Paula
    Doesn't a new baby remind you of when you brought home your little ones? So precious!
    We just haven't gotten much of a winter here.
    When it snows, then it melts. Very strange.
    I am praying for Buddy & his family-you too.
    He has quite a testimony-I know he'll be missed.
    Blessing to you all-Kimberly

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Kimberly! Buddy is still with us, weak, tired and skinny as a rail.


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