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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There Is A Lesson Here Somewhere

So last night I was craving a caramel apple, because it's autumn.  

I stopped at the store and instead of a caramel apple, I picked up a package of two little containers of caramel apple dip and two Red Delicious apples (my favorite).  

After dinner last night, I ate one of the apples with the dip and it was delicious.  Then this afternoon, before eating the second container of caramel with the other apple, I thought I should check the fat and sugar content of the caramel dip.  

I looked in the recycling bin and couldn't find it, and then remembered that after I opened the package, I threw the wrapper in the fireplace, which proves to me that in the end, I really didn't want to know the fat and sugar content of the caramel apple dip. 

 I just wanted to enjoy eating the caramel dip and a Red Delicious apple.

And so I did.



  1. Good for you! You know the old saying "What you don't know doesn't hurt you", well, at least if it's only twice! xo

  2. I love carmel apples also!!! tonight!

  3. haha, you know I did the same thing once, I love that stuff. I even find myself craving it. I think in the instance it is better not knowing, just that it is a once a year thing.
    Not to mention, you are in Alaska, you need some meat on your bones to keep you warm through the dark and cold winter. I am in California and I keep telling myself that. :)
    Thanks for your comment about my hens. They are lots of work. I think it might be harder in the cold.


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