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Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Easter Weekend Pictures

We had a wonderful Triduum and Easter Day!  Here are a few pictures.

 Holy Thursday: Foot Washing

Good Friday: "Behold the Wood of the Cross, on which is hung the Savior of the World!"

Good Friday: Making hot cross buns

Phoebe making Easter bread

Holy Saturday: Our friend Katy and her children after the blessing of the Easter food

Lots of delicious food for the Easter Sunday feast!

We went to brunch on Easter Sunday at our friends' beautiful home.  

This is their courtyard

Charles drinking tea and visiting

Phoebe (in the red shawl) shares a laugh

"Everyone say: 'Alleluia'"!

Martha winters her geraniums over and they are gorgeous every year!

Tea outside on a beautiful day - it doesn't get better than this!

The leaves are almost out!

Martha's beautiful brunch table - note the lovely tablecloth!


Our dinner table for Easter dinner

We had melon with prosciutto, lamb, turkey, risotto, roasted potatoes, salad, asparagus, hot cross buns and chocolate espresso cheesecake and strawberries for dessert.

We had a beautiful Triduum and Easter - how was yours?


  1. Wow, what a spread!! Delicious food and wonderful company...does it get any better than that? Thanks for sharing your special Easter moments.

  2. Wow, gorgeous and delicious!

    Triduum and Easter were both wonderful- the former in a challenging, contemplative way, and the latter in a very celebratory way :D Lots of growth and wonderful memories :)

  3. Paula: Based on these photos, you and your friends would really enjoy the charism of CL, the lay movement with which I am engaged. Alas, the closest group is in Anchorage...

  4. Wow, now you'll need a week to recover from all that eating! But seriously, no better way to celebrate than with friends, beautiful food and fine weather.


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