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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Incommunicado No More, A Couple of Selfies and Our Sitka Trip

I have been out of touch lately because my Mac charger died on me, so my laptop was also DOA.

However, I borrowed my son's charger and it is nice to be able to read blogs and Facebook on a big screen instead of squinting at my iPhone!

I had any number of photos to share, but because I was (or rather my computer was) out of commission, I was unable to post them.

So, this will be a photo heavy post!  Apologies to my Facebook friends who have already seen some of these pics!

I added a scarf to hide the chins!

If Frida could take a selfie, this is what it would look like!

The view from our back porch in Sitka

Crocuses blooming in Sitka before the snowstorm

Crows hanging out by the Russian Bishop's House

Twilight in Sitka

Mt. Edgecumbe (Sitka's Mount Fuji), taken from the grocery store parking lot!

A SitKat

The dome and spires of St. Michael Orthodox Cathedral

Charles and Ana prep for the iconography workshop (the reason we were in Sitka)

We were in Sitka for 10 days, the two weekends were devoted to an iconography workshop that Charles taught to 8 very dedicated students, and during the weekday evenings he taught some adult religious education at St. Gregory Catholic parish.  I had a chance to read, crochet, walk and have some quiet time.  We stayed in the apartment at the home of Fr. Michael Boyle and his wife Matushka Magdalena.  They have a lovely home and we were even able to join them to watch Downton Abbey (which I would have been sorry to miss).   We made some new friends, visited with some old ones, and really enjoyed our time together.

I really recommend Sitka for a destination - it has natural beauty and small town charm!

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  1. You must have been a fly on the wall two nights ago when my hubby was saying that we need to go to Sitka some time!
    It sounds like you enjoyed your time there!
    good to hear from you again, Paula.


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