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Friday, January 24, 2014

No Polar Vortex Here

It has been unseasonably warm here in Douglas, and in the rest of the State of Alaska as well.

Today I took a great walk, wearing only a fleece jacket and a long sleeved t-shirt over my jeans and rain boots.

It wasn't raining, but Sandy Beach, where my friend Becca and I walked, has a stream running through it, and it is either wade or jump, so I choose to wade!

It was a beautiful day, starting out with the fog clinging to the mountains, and then in the afternoon, completely clear and remarkably warm for January.

We are used to the dark days of winter here, but when we get a clear day, and warm in the bargain, spirits rise, people smile and greet each other gleefully, dogs frolic on the beach and the whole town rejoices.  Today was a lovely surprise after three solid weeks of gloom, gray and rain.

Here are some photos I took - one of which is my new header!

The remains of the old Treadwell Mine pier

Beautiful clouds over Sandy Beach

The old Treadwell Mine Pump House


  1. Stunning photographs, they are really awesome!


  2. First thing I said, out loud, when I pulled up your blog and saw that header..."Now that is beautiful"...And so are the other photos. So glad that you are getting some nice weather, such a special treat at this time of year for your area..Enjoy, my friend. xo

    1. We feel (almost) guilty that our weather has been so warm while the rest of the country is suffering!

  3. Glad your weather is so nice. The pictures are beautiful. Enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous photos today, glad you are warm, we are chilly for Florida, maybe we have your cold weather.

  5. Fabulous landscapes. I always associate Alaska with permanent freezing temperatures. It must have been mild to go out with just a a fleece. We've had a very rainy winter here so far but they reckon we're going to get a blast of icy weather soon. Brrrrr. Roll on Spring.

  6. Great pictures. This cold, cold winter will make me appreciate the spring when it ever arrives even more.

  7. Gorgeous pictures.

    I have heard that alaska was not getting the crazy weather because it was all going to the northern US states. We are in summer here in southern California.

    1. Carol - I envy you your really warm temperatures! I guess "warm" is relative!


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