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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Farm Down The Street

Our neighbors have chickens and new little goats.  I am in love!  We visited Michele and Greg's house yesterday and were introduced to Ava and Liam, their new little goats, and Phoebe, Miguel and Charles met the chickens for the first time.  I love listening to them clucking - we can hear them from our house.

There is something so wonderful about chickens and goats.  They were just minding their own business, the business of clucking (chickens), climbing on top of the chicken coop and eating salmon berry leaves (goats).

For a half an hour, we were in a little bit of heaven, one block away.


  1. I have never been up close and personal with chickens, but that one sure has beautiful coloring.

  2. Love this photo of you and the chicken! It is so nice that they are right down the road..Hope you get to have some of those delicious eggs!

    Have a lovely, rest of Sunday! xo

  3. I had a chicken as a child and we were not friends, but you're doing so well with your poultry buddy. What a sweet afternoon.

  4. There is nothing like a sweet homestead!
    I have such fond memories of my g'ma's little place with all that was needed for self-sufficientcy. I had many wonderful summers there.

  5. Being one with nature is the key word. Domesticated animals and birds are so soothing to watch.


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