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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some Random Photos and a Coincidence

Charles' parents came through town on a cruise last Saturday.  This year, they are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, so while they were here (for seven hours), Charles took the opportunity to bless their marriage and witness their renewal of their wedding vows.

Charles blessed their wedding rings.

The weekend before, we went to a garage sale and I found this vintage lunch box and Thermos.  Of course, the minute I got it home, I broke the zipper on the lunch box.  I was thinking I could use it for a craft tote, for my crocheting and (soon to be) knitting projects.  I am currently crocheting granny squares for an afghan.  It has been so long since I did a big project (other than a hat or a scarf).  I am a little nervous about it!

I saw the above project on Pinterest, and we had some pieces of wood that were just the right size.  I mod podged paper on the board, attached the pipe clamp with a screw (actually, Charles did, because I am too short to be able to put any pressure on the screw with the screw gun, unless I stood on a chair, which seemed like an accident waiting to happen), covered a binder clip with the same paper as the board, hammered in a little nail, and VOILA! a toothbrush and toothpaste holder that matches our bathroom!

And now, the coincidence:  Last night, Charles and I were scheduled to work at the gallery and a woman came in and said that she had been told that an iconographer showed his work there.  I turned and pointed to Charles and said: "There he is!".  She was delighted to meet him and said that she is also an iconographer.  She is from New Orleans and it turned out that she knows and has studied with a friend and student of Charles'.   She was thrilled to see Charles' work, and shared some photos of her icons, which Charles praised.  She said that she hoped to come back and study with Charles.  The world of iconographers is small indeed! 

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  1. I love connections like the woman coming to find Charles and then it turns out she studied under one of his students. Stories like that show me how small our world really is.


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