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Monday, July 22, 2013

Skagway Trip: Jewell Gardens - Part One

Our visit to Skagway's Jewell Gardens was on our last day in Skagway, but, since I took so many photos there, I wanted to share them with you right away.

Jewell Gardens is a privately owned company that includes the gardens, a glass blowing studio, a gift shop and a restaurant.  It is just on the outskirts of town, on the Klondike Highway (the highway from Skagway to Whitehorse and beyond).

Sr. Dee and I browsed in the gift shop, where I bought two pairs of earrings, one for Phoebe and one for myself.  After looking at all the beautiful blown glass artwork, we decided to go into the gardens, despite the $12.50 entrance fee (I'm a known cheapskate, and thought that if you've seen one garden, you've seen them all).  I am so glad we decided to go in.

 The first thing I noticed was that they use a lot of the glass art in the actual flower beds and as decorative touches around the garden.

I liked the glass fish in this stream bed!
There was an electric train that traveled throughout the garden, past a little town and mining camp.   Note the "gold nuggets" on the back of the train!

These sculptures collect water and funnel it into the ground.
I was amazed by the wide variety of flowers in the garden - the garden takes hours and hours of work, and in addition to the paid employees, the owners have a bunkhouse where they put up garden volunteers.  The volunteers can stay for a week or for a whole summer!


Black pansies

Wild geranium

Columbine and daisies



Lady's Mantle

A nice shed framed with Lady's Mantle and delphinium


Purple pansies

A sink planter

Train tracks and flowers
A view of the garden with the forest beyond

Sweet little violas

And finally, a bench to rest on
What a perfect end to our visit.  Afterwards, Sr. Dee and I went straight to the ferry terminal to head home.

I will write more about the beginning of our trip, Sr. Dee, the train trip we took while in Skagway, and the great time we had together later in the week.


  1. Neat! I look forward to hearing more about your trip.

    BTW, I especially love the pic of the poppies!

  2. It's beautiful Paula.
    I'll definitely visit
    there next
    time I'm in Skagway!


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