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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So, I Guess It's NOT My Medication

After trying a reduced dose of meds, the sleepiness hasn't gone away, so off I go to the doctor in a week to see if we can figure out why I am so sleepy all the time...

A real life Sleepytime Bear?! #celestialtea


  1. Sometimes certain medications can make you sleepy even when cut way back, I had one to help me sleep at night during my treatment and had to go off of it slow and even when I took only a quarter of a small tablet, I still got tired.

    Hope you get it figured out. xo

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I had a brief encounter with Alaska by winning a trip last October to go to Dutch Harbor and meet a Captain from 'Deadliest Catch'. The trip itself didn't turn out so great but I would sure love to go again. Alaska just fascinates me.

    1. Thanks for your comment! SE Alaska, where I live, is much different than Dutch Harbor. The best way to see SE is by the Alaska Marine Highway - the state ferry system. Three days from Bellingham and it is lovely!


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