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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Photos From Easter (Because Easter Lasts for 50 Days!)

A messy kitchen is the sign of a happy family.  Phoebe made Easter bread, Miguel made scalloped potatoes and I made whipped cream frosting for my Sunshine Cake.

On Monday, we picked up some Scandinavian Blue paint for our bookshelf.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is a gorgeous color.

It is really a violet/periwinkle blue.  The shelf used to be painted dark navy blue and a kind of muddy aubergine purple. 

Our egg collection is getting bigger.  We have some wooden eggs painted Pysanki style, and some blown eggs that we have colored.  We use onion skins.  This year we drew on some onion skin dyed eggs.

Here is a close up of my drawing of chicks.  They look more like sparrows, but I never claimed to be an artist! 

Here is our buffet - I made a Sunshine Cake (here is the recipe, except I used real whipped cream in the frosting instead of using Cool Whip, and Miguel made yellow cake from scratch)!

When we were moving things around to prepare for painting the bookshelf, I noticed that I have buds on my orchid plant.  The kids gave me this plant for my birthday in October, and I was sure that I was going to kill it - but it is thriving!

Finally, here is a photo taken of my brother Marc and me when we were little (I think 5 and 8) with our chocolate Easter treats - he had Cutie Bunny and I had Biddie Hen. It is my favorite picture of the two of us!

I hope everyone is rested up from the Easter Sunday Festivities - I have really enjoyed all the photos on your blogs of food, fun, dressed up kids, lovely tables and decorations!


  1. Paula
    Everything looks good! The cake, the book shelf, and the eggs.
    And the picture of you and your brother is adorable!

  2. Such happy Easter photos and what pretty colors in your kitchen and bookcase! Love your Easter egg collection and how fun it must be to bring them out every year, kind of like ornaments at Christmas time..Your Sunshine cake with the mandarines sounds yummy and just right for the occasion. Thanks for sharing. xo

    1. Thanks Sherri! I was a little nervous about introducing violet blue into our yellow and red house, but it looks really nice!

  3. Sweet, sweet picture of you and your brother. Enjoyed seeing the Easter goodies and love the color of your bookcase.

  4. Oh, thank you for sharing and giving us a peek of your life up there in AK!

  5. I love your onion skin dyed eggs. And that is a beautiful blue you have chosen for the bookcase! Can't wait to see your orchids in bloom.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! It looks delicious!! And I love the eggs!


  7. Love everything about that bookcase - the shape, the color, the items on it!


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