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Monday, October 15, 2012

"Uh Oh! I've got...HAPPY FEET!"

The foot saga continues.

I went to the other podiatrist today and he was a huge improvement over the first one I saw.  He introduced himself, sat down, and asked what he could do for me.

He obviously had reviewed my notes from the orthopedist before the appointment, was very polite, gave me a little tutorial on the mechanics of feet, told me exactly what he was doing when he did the examination, asked me repeatedly if I had any questions, and gave clear explanations.  He recommended orthotics and sturdier shoes and gave me a great handout on how to test the shoes I already have.  I think I am going to be disposing of most of my shoes :-(...

I was very satisfied with my experience and relieved that I don't have to get steroid shots or surgery!

I immediately went and bought orthotics and new shoes.  I'm looking forward to feeling much better soon!


  1. What a turnaround! I'm glad that you are getting the help you need. Although I am sorry about having to ditch so many shoes!

  2. Yeah! And how wonderful that you can avoid surgery! Perhaps you had some pronation with your old shoes? I have wide feet too, so I know how hard it is to find good shoes that fit AND give you proper support!

  3. So glad you finally got some answers. When I got orthodics for my shoes it made a HUGE difference in my entire back and legs too. If I wear 'bad' shoes, even for a few hours, I will suffer for days. xo

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  5. Thank you Paula for your comment today. I am so glad you went to another doctor. I am glad just getting new shoes will help so much.
    You asked where I live? I live in California. Our best storms come when they drop down from Alaska. When that happens we have nice, cold, weather and big storms. Last year the jet steam never dropped a single one down here so we had almost no rain. Or cold. We have had mostly summer from Last October on. So that is why I am excited. We had the warmest December-March ever with no rain.
    I think that was when all of the feet of snow was in Alaska. So I am happy for Alaska. :)

    1. Since we are pretty far south in Alaska, we didn't get nearly the amount of snow they got up north last winter! But we are supposed to have more this year because of La Nina (don't ask me how they know - I don't understand the weather!). Thanks for commenting!

  6. Oh Paula, when your feet hurt, you hurt all over. At least, I do! I can sympathize with you. So glad tho that you found a new doctor. A doctor that will take the time to explain everything to me is worth his weight in gold. Hope the new shoes work.

    My wants include a trip to Alaska. I have heard what beautiful country it is. Hopefully, next summer we'll do a cruise up that direction. It looks so pretty where you are at.



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