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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lemon Brownies And The World's Best Chicken

Yesterday, while passionately perusing Pinterest (note the use of a lot of alliteration by a bodaciously beautiful [Charles' suggestion for an adjective starting with B] blogger), I found two recipes.

One was for The World's Best Chicken, which was good and had interesting flavors (from the most unlikely ingredients), but I wouldn't call it The World's Best.  I think my oven baked chicken is The World's Best, but that's just my opinion.

But the Lemon Brownies!  Oh, man!  They are a wondrous wonder of lemony lusciousness (again with the alliteration: sorry, I can't help myself)!

They are sweet, but not too sweet, tart, but not too tart, and not crumbly like lemon bars can be.  They have a brownie-like, not cakey texture.  I couldn't wait until they cooled completely to try them, but I didn't mind dripping lemon glaze on my shirt.  Charles, the kids and their friends agreed that they are great.  I can see them nestled side by side with chocolate brownies on a platter.  This will be my new potluck item, I think.  They are amazing.

My lemon brownies! lemony delicious!

I rarely try two brand new recipes on the same day, but I was feeling energetic, and I felt like experimenting!

If you try either of these recipes, let me know what you think!


  1. Oh dear Paula. Lemon brownies? I adore all recipes with even a wee zest of lemon and searched every yard sale hi and low for a microplane until I found one for a dollar. I use lemon a lot. Will check this out.

    1. Olive - I don't use a zester or microplane. I take the yellow rind off with a vegetable peeler - that way I don't get any of the white stuff, which can be bitter. I then chop it fine with my big knife. It works great for me!

  2. Those sound scrumptious! Thank you!!! We love anything with lemon and lemon bars are no exception. Our favorite chicken recipe also uses lots of lemon! (chicken picatta)

  3. Wow, lemon brownies sound great. I think I will try them this winter when I get my hands on some Meyer Lemons.


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