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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Happiness is getting the summer clothes out of storage for our trip to California next week, trying them on, and discovering that several items are TOO BIG!  They will be going to St. Vincent de Paul!

Happiness is trying on a dress that hasn't fit me for several years, but it is much too pretty to dispose of, and after easily slipping it on, having Charles zip it right up, and having my children exclaim: "Wow!  That looks great!"

Happiness is North Douglas Chocolate Cake with raspberries on top for Miguel's birthday (just a little piece)!

Happiness is listening to your son playing the guitar and and hearing your kids happily singing together.

Happiness is three solid weeks of sunshine in S.E. Alaska.

And finally, happiness is this beautiful treat, courtesy of Mother Nature:

           (Photo: Tommy Joseph)

Our forests are full of these beautiful blueberry blossoms - the promise of a wonderful harvest for human and ursine berry lovers!

I am off to San Francisco on Monday - I will take pictures to share when I return in a week.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. Happiness is deciding that life is worthwhile after all and taking up new challenges! Been a blogger for 2 weeks and loving it! Today I am learning, through reading other's blogs, to look for beauty in the smallest things and think of so much I have to make me happy. Thank you!!! Joan

  2. Definite happiness. Happiness is this lovely spring day in New York City, my iced coffee and blog friends.

  3. Happiness and traveling mercies to you my friend!!

  4. Yay for your weight loss. Spring is delightful. Have a safe and fun trip.

  5. Happy weight loss! That must make your day!


  6. Well done on your weight loss and have a lovely time in San Francisco.

  7. That is a lot of happy! :-) Have a wonderful time in SF!


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